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Did you know that according to the American Iron and Steel Institute, steel can be recycled continuously without taking away from its quality or strength? SteelSustainability.org points out in their article that steel is, “the engine that drives the recycling of many consumer goods“ (like cars and appliances). So, projects that work with steel can not only save money, but they can provide a degree of environmental sustainability as well. 

Taking raw metals and creating something new from them is an art that requires a sharp eye and a steady hand. Often, before the final product can be assembled, a process that includes thorough planning, along with some combination of cutting, machining, shaping, drilling, and welding must take place. Only then will the final product be ready, but fabrication is just one side of the coin. 

Welding is an important part of steel fabrication. A 2016 article from Midwest Steel points out that the welding process is, “complex and… the work of an unskilled artisan could result in the metal warping due to the high degree of heat.” So, it’s very important to have a knowledgeable and professional team to examine and plan the project before kicking things off. DW Metal Works has a welding team with over 50 years of combined experience. 

When you need important welding and steel fabrication projects done right the first time, or if you are on a tight schedule and need to have repairs done quickly, Grand Junction’s go-to welding and custom steel fabrication company is DW Metal Works, Inc. The importance of accurate project assessment and planning can’t be overstated, which is why DW Metal Works actually offers a free consultation to help give you peace of mind that your work will be done efficiently. 

DW Metal Works has a local Grand Junction team that has worked on everything from handrails to custom headache racks and from steel tanks to dog boxes. No job is too large or small for them to tackle. The DW Metal Works team often checks on the structural condition of client equipment as well, through their detailed equipment inspection service. So, if you want to know whether various steel parts can be reused or fixed rather than replaced, the DW Metal Works team can help you figure that out too. 

Aaron Continelli (2016) noted in his Fabricator.com article that there are a wide variety of projects which fall under the umbrella of metal fabrication. Whether you just need help with a simple project or are working on heavy machinery, one of the main benefits of bringing your steel fabrication job to the DW Metal Works shop is that there is a “centralization of these many processes that are often required to be performed in parallel” (Continelli, 2016).

DW Metal Works has a massive 10,000 square foot shop space with five truck bays to fit any job you can bring them. One of the many things that set this local Grand Junction family owned and operated small business apart is that they also have portable steel welding rigs to handle any on-site work or repairs that you might need. Their attention to client needs is part of why, over the past 15 years, they have become known as a prompt and professional local full-service shop for welding and steel fabrication services.

From residential jobs to industrial ones, DW Metal Works offers a full range of services for welding and steel fabrication. Whether your job is a conventional one or you have ideas about custom work, with DW Metal Works, you can build a long term relationship with a welding and steel fabrication team that will be there to support you with each and every job you need to be done. DW Metal Works is a small local business that can take care of your larger jobs too.

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