Aluminum Fabrication

When you’re trying to decide on the metal for your next project, there are quite a few compelling reasons to consider aluminum for the job. It’s strong, light, and malleable, which makes it very versatile in applications. These are just some of the reasons that aluminum is highly sought after for various projects. According to Adam Hornbacher in his steel versus aluminum article, while these factors are compelling, “aluminum’s greatest attribute is that it is corrosion-resistant.”

As the 3rd most common element in the Earth’s crust, this BBC article notes that aluminum is found in such great quantities that it is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. Despite being readily found, working with aluminum may or may not be more expensive than with steel for a few different reasons. Aluminum is expensive to mine and extract because of its high melting point and due to the “amount of electricity (and added carbon) required in the extraction process.” But even in cases where choosing aluminum may come with a slightly increased price point, many businesses find using aluminum to be a choice that is well worth it.

According to the Aluminum Association, the use of aluminum furthers the competitive advantages of businesses all over the United States. Since aluminum is a, “100 percent recyclable and sustainable metal… (its) sustainability is at the forefront of creating competitive business advantages while also providing product development advantages that win business and create jobs.” There’s a reason that almost 75% of the aluminum produced is still in use today. Aluminum “more than pays for its own recycling… (since recycling aluminum) saves more than 90 percent of the energy that would be needed to create a comparable amount of the metal from raw materials” (Aluminum Association, n.d.).

So, for businesses in Grand Junction that want to make the most of being able to apply aluminum to various projects of their own, finding a qualified welder and aluminum fabrication shop will be of the utmost importance. Grand Junction’s local source that has been trusted for almost 20 years, is DW Metal Works. 

The team at DW Metal Works specialize in custom aluminum fabrication and repairs. DW Metal Works also has proven and certified welders with over 50 years of combined experience. The founders, Dave and Leslie, are natives of the Grand Valley, so they love helping people all throughout Grand Junction improve the quality of their equipment and grow their businesses because of it.  

Whether your project is welding a custom aluminum Argo rack with a top rail for light load carrying or you need repairs done to existing aluminum equipment, Grand Junction’s local team at DW Metal Works is well versed in working with this malleable metal. DW Metal Works even creates custom aluminum tanks that can be fabricated from a drawing. 

Since 2002, the family-owned and operated DW Metal Works team has been providing Grand Junction with any support needed with welding and aluminum fabrication. No matter how big your project is, the massive 10,000 square foot DW Metal Works shop space boasts five truck bays and is definitely big enough for the job. Since the team also specializes in repair services to anyone, from residential to industrial, their prompt and professional service makes it easy to request a free quote for your project. 

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