DW Metal Works is NOW designing and building Bear-resistant Aluminum Pannier that are IGBC certified

What does this mean? IGBC-certified containers are one of the methods available to meet food storage regulations on National Forest Lands in grizzly bear habitat. Other methods for compliance are also available; for instance, electric fencing is authorized in some ecosystems and under certain conditions.

Learn more about IGBC Certified Bear-resistant Aluminum Pannier HERE.

About Bear-resistant Aluminum Pannier:

  • They are lightweight and extremely durable.
  • They are designed for horse pack in camps, tailgate campers, hunters, and anyone enjoying the outdoors that needs to protect their food from animals.
  • They are IGBC bear resistant (Intermountain Grizzly Bear Committee approved) and critter proof.
  • The mountaineer kitchen panniers also set up into a portable table with your cooking gear and food on the side.

Anyone who needs to protect their food from animals will find these Bear Proof Panniers convenient and essential to any trip into the wilderness. Looking to go camping this year? Learn more about Colorado campsites here.

What’s the best way to pack a cooler for camping?
Check out this packing guide, you’ll learn why proper packing is important and how to do it the right way.

What kind of ice to use for max ice retention?
Cube ice (melts quickly but chills faster) + block ice (melts slower and you can make it at home).

Dry ice (low freezing point). This would be the best for camping, but it shouldn’t be put into soft coolers and requires cautious use.

What are your top 3 favorite cooler hacks for camping?
Shield the cooler with thermal heat-reflecting cover when not in use.
Use either Cooler Shock ice packs or the Koolergel ice extender (or both) for better chilling.
Put some rock salt on the ice (lowers ice’s freezing/melting point).



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